KKT008 - Hundreds - Aftermath Remixes


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Early 2012. Requests from all over the world reach Berlin based indie label Sinnbus about a remix made by a certain Dixon. Alright. Sinnbus need to look this up first. And see: This Dixon put a different beat under Bodi Bill's version of the Hundreds song "Machine" and used it in a mix. Also, this piece seems to be released on a small vinyl edition on Dixon's label Innervisions. Very interesting.

They get into contact. Dixon apologizes, he could've let them know at least. And yes, he knows and appreciates the records of both bands and that's why he did these reworks. And especially speaking of Hundreds he takes great interest in doing a real remix sometime. With the proper files. Maybe when the next album is due. If the opportunity arises. They shall keep each other updated.

Hundreds in turn have a remarkable time since their debut album was released in 2010. The siblings Eva and Philipp Milner play sold out shows all over Europe and quickly gain international attention. With their music - a haunting mix of cold and distant electronica, dusky songwriting and the captivating, warm voice - the band wins loyal, passionate fans and huge respect from different musical scenes.

When the release of their 2nd album "Aftermath" is due in early 2014, Dixon is immediately up for a collaboration. He only needs to integrate it in his brimful schedule and asks for some time. In the meantime the idea to go ahead and compile a whole EP is developed. Rather reckless and without strategy Hundreds and Sinnbus start inquiring to artists who thrill them. And they're surprised and delighted about the positive resonance. Almost automatically one after another attends to the album pieces and gives them an exciting new form. As if they were a big present they fall into Hundreds' and Sinnbus' lap and urge to be released. At this point Krakatau Records come in. The techno label of Bodi Bill, crossborder musicians who find their home on Sinnbus as well.

Robag Wruhme (Pampa Records, Kompakt) opens the EP with his version of "Aftermath". The very broad, cinematic original is broken down into its essential core. Consequently reduced, "Robags Berchem Duff NB" pushes forward in its almost wooden drought.

The/Das (Life And Death, Sinnbus) finally defined themselves as a full band with their recent album "Freezer". With the remix of "Please Rewind" they undertake a backward roll to the beginnings of their work. During the dusky piece a nervous beat blows up menacing and the sharp monotony creates a compelling undertow.

With his remix of "Ten Headed Beast" Christian Löffler (Ki Records) lends the original, which is hitting radio stations at the moment, his tasteful, introspective touch. He easily adds an almost weightless, shimmering melancholy to the already airy piece. At the same time this marks the start of a cooperation both sides were aiming for for a long time and will certainly generate more remarkable output.

Epically the EP is closed by a remix of Brandt Brauer Frick (!K7). The Celebrate Yourself Remix of "Rabbits On The Roof" is enthralling and impelling from the start. Rich in detail and with a lot of savvy formulated finenesses it loads up more and more, only to eventually break out into orchestral bang. An absolutely rewarding final!

And Dixon? In the end Dixon can't do it for this date. But it's only a pleasure deferred. Also if he's not on this EP, he may be heartly thanked as stumbling block for the result. Thanks, Dixon.

Release: December 8th, 2014 (12", digital) / November 24th, 2014 (exclusively on Beatport)

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KKT007 - The/Das - Mind Speak Remixes


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After the highly acclaimed Lake People release "Point EP" Krakatau is back with three remixes of The/Das debut "Speak Your Mind Speak" by Uffe, Benjamin Damage and Vaal.

With the release of his EP on Catz and Dogz Pets Recordings, and a popular remix for Jozif last year, it was Uffe's versatile productions that caught The/Das's eye. He kicks of the record with a bright summer mix of "Colin", cutting a tight loop out of the almost reggae guitar lick to accompany the original vocals.

Benjamin Damage has made quite a name for himself due to his recent album on 50Weapons and he shows us why with his take on "Have No Fear". The bass heavy industrial track creates intricate rhythms with military precision that are sure to pump up any dance floor.

The mysterious Vaal clocking in at a mere 21 years old, has already released 2 EPs on her own imprint and is set to debut on Life and Death this fall. Her version of "Have No Fear" is equally impressive and surprisingly fresh. Vaal goes with an old school off kilter percussion to balance the hypnotic elongated and reversed piano strokes and her trademark medieval harmonies.

Release: August 5th, 2013

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KKT006 - Lake People - Points


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Lake People's "Points" outlines the idea of an album and manages to unfold a climax. While the opener "Point In Time" delivers a playful, floating-hypnotic depth, "Tipping Point" chills the dance floor with a relaxed groove. The B-side shows a much darker character than his previous releases. With unconventional sound-frameworks it oscillates between electronica, ambient and IDM.

The ethereal melancholy that Lake People promised gets richer and is taken to another level. He created a liaison between the A and B side, which each stand for themselves, but are connected by their soft, rounded aesthetic appeal. In addition to the recently released remixes for Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Nico Stojan or Here is Why, the Points EP demonstrates the great diversity of styles pursued by Lake People.

Release: November 16th, 2012

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KKT005 - Thomalla - Alftavatn


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Alftavatn is Thomalla's second EP release on Berlin-based Techno-label Krakatau Records. The tracks captivate instantly and still surprise with imaginative variety, sudden shifts and dazzling timbre.

23 year-old Thomalla was featured as a co-musician on Bodi Bill's European ›What‹-Tour in 2011/12 and recently started playing live-shows on his own. His tracks unite artistic and dancefloor-compatible appeal, which he was also able to show during last year's visit of the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid.

The Alftavatn EP articulates his forward-looking interpretation of electronic music, embedded in references of his own eclectic education. Techno without thought control.

Release: August 8th, 2012

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KKT004 - Bodi Bill - What Remixes


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In 2011, there was no way to get around Bodi Bill - and it will continue in 2012. Right on time for summer, the band releases two exciting remixes of their hit-single «What» on their own label Krakatau.

Luminary Apparat and young talent Thomalla have chosen the smoothest and breeziest track of the album to rework it with verve and experimentiveness. The tracks differ considerably, and yet there are parallels between both artists: they share a vision, an affinity for progressiveness and audible enthusiasm in each track.

Apparat – who released his very successful album «The Devil's Walk» in 2011 – breathes autumnal coolness and depth into this summery number. The result is thrilling, unexpected and spine-tingling.

Thomalla also rejects construction kit «primetime-techno» and shows his remarkable talent in two very unlike versions of «What». With his overwhelming desire to experiment and discover, he created tracks to dance to, that move beyond the typical minimum radius.

This record gathers pop and electronic avant-garde: the record-label and artists wanted to fathom the boundaries of rhythmics and harmony – and they clearly succeeded. Here, two exceptional musicians show their vision of electronic dance music, enthralling, fascinating and exciting!

Release: June 4th, 2012

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KKT003 - Freedarich - Lava Boy


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If you were to ask Freedarich to state the artistic area he prefers working in, his shotgun answer would most probably be „music with all its influences“. „What amuses and enthuses me most, is the subtly absurd introduction of different styles“ Freedarich says about himself. Generally, his main passion seems to lie in the unearthing of the concealed and unknown, and making these accessible to the listener. Freedarichs music can be found on his new EP „Lava Boy“, his first to be released on the label Krakatau. Said label was founded by the Berlin Gentlemen of „Bodi Bill“, in order to offer a home to the less established, yet all the more dedicated artists.

The EP accepts no vocabulary which could be found in a catalogue. Techno, minimal or house don’t belong here, as this music is everything! „Lava Boy“ has many stories to tell, this becomes obvious after merely a few tones. The Earth spins a little slower, at least that’s what it feels like. You begin to breathe more calmly and your senses intensify. „Lava Boy“ sashays and floats, it whispers, but at the same time it rushes forwards and rejoices. One moment the calm ripple of the surf, in the next the screaming, furious waves breaking on the rock.

The music ist he tranquility of the landscape and the agitation of the city. It takes you on a journey through the day and into the adventures of the night. It’s the pulse of the club, the laughing at the bar, the urge to dance, the exhausted relaxation and the marve l at sunrise. Eventually the sounds fade away and bequeath a soft sense of melancholy: Did minutes pass, or was it hours? Freedarich has a lot to say: when you listen, when you dance and when you feel.

Release: December 12th, 2011

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KKT002 - Thomalla - Gefilde


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Berlin in Winter – the city seems to be sleeping, but under the surface it's seetheing. Krakatau, Bodi Bill's very own label, is giving the people what they need in this cold times: The dark and at the same time smooth and warm sounds of the young talent THOMALLA.

Born and bred in Berlin he's capturing the cities' character perfectly, the unique coexistence of crowded streets and vast derelict spaces in the middle of the urban area.

THOMALLA is an exceptional artist, only 21 years young, but set to enter the international electronic scene with a bang. He builds up beautiful soundscapes that balance between swinging beats and fine synthiemelodies. He brings darkness and warmth, heart and mind, romance and techno together. So don't miss out KRAKATAU 02 and watch a star rising.

Release: February 11th, 2011

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KKT001 - Bodi Bill - Remixes


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The first release from the label Krakatau, founded by indie darlings Bodi Bill, is a true gem – their hit song I Like Holden Caulfield, remixed by rising breakouts and revered veterans on the scene.

Thomalla, the 21-year old uber-talent, who in one year has forged his place in the berlin electro scene with his prodding minimal sounds. Freedarich, as Freedarich & Stiggsen, boasts releases on Areal, Freizeitglauben and other influential Labels. Also onboard are Siriusmo, close friend of Bodi Bill and signed with Monkeytown, the modeselektor label, as well as Phon.O whose homebase is Shitkatapult.

This stellar introductory lineup gives just a taste of the upcoming releases of your new techno label, and in the next months singles will be released by Thomalla, Freedarich and edits of the new Bodi Bill album to be released in march. Stay tuned!

Release: December 10th, 2010

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Stand: Mai 2018


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